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Volumes 1 and 2 hard copy set



Hard copy set + 2017 app

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2017 app

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2016 + 2017 app

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Banks on Sentence is the definitive sentencing guide. Volume 1 is the essential book for understanding sentencing orders and procedures. Volume 2 is the essential book for determining the sentence for almost all prosecuted offences.


"It is hard to imagine preparing an appeal without Banks on Sentence – clear, accurate, concise and well indexed."

Lady Justice Rafferty
Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association 1995-97
Member of the Sentencing Council 2010-12


 Robert's Postbag

Robert receives hundreds of letters from prisoners asking for advice. Some have received unlawful sentences. Each one is answered and a selection of answers are published in Inside Time, the prisoner's newspaper. To see the letters and the replies, click here.