2015 Updates: Volumes 1 and 2 (10th Edition)

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Volume 1

Appeals Court of Appeal Update No 3
Attorney Generals Refs Update No 2 
Community Order Breach of
Community Order Update No 2
Compensation Order Update No 2
Concurrent and Consecutive sentencing Update No 2
Confiscation Update No 6
Criminal Behaviour Orders
Criminal Behaviour Orders ASBOs Breach of Update No 2
Custody General principles
Custody Time on remand
Detention and Training Order    

Destruction Orders Dogs
Disqualification from Driving Obligatory    
Disqualification from Driving Totting up    
Extended Sentences Update No 4
Factual basis Update No 2    
Forfeiture Update No 2  
Goodyear Indications    
Hospital orders Update No 2
Hospital orders Interim 
Life imprisonment CJA 2003 s 225 and 226 etc Update No 2
Non molestation orders    
Pre-sentence report    
Preventive Orders Update No 3
Restraining Orders
Sample Counts Specimen Counts    
Sexual Harm Prevention Orders Update No 3
Suspended Sentence Orders
Victim personal statement

Volume 2

ABH Update No 4  
Affray Update
Arson Update No 2
Assisting Offenders
Bail offences
Blackmail Update No 3
Bomb hoax etc
Burglary Update No 3   
Careless Driving Update
Common Assault
Criminal Damage    
Cruelty to Children Update No 3
Dangerous driving  Dangerous driving causing serious injury Update No 3
Death by Driving Dangerous driving Update no 2
Death by Driving Careless driving simple
Death by Driving Careless driving drink drug related Update
Death by Driving General Principles Update No 2
Defendant Update No 2
Election Offences
Environmental Offences Update No 2
False imprisonment Update No 2
Firearms Update No 3Fraud and Financial Services Offences Update No 3
Handling Stolen Goods
Harassment section 4 Public Nuisance
Importation Update No 3    
Manslaughter Update No 6    
Mothers Update
Murder Attempted Update No 2
Murder Update No 4
Offences against the Person Act 1861 s 18 Update No 5
Offences against the Person Act 1861 s 20 Update No 3
Patients Ill treating etc
Perverting the Course of Justice Update No 3
Planning Offences
Possession of drugs
Prison Offences Update    
Public Decency Outraging
Rape Update No 6    
Road Rage    
Robbery Update No 5    
Sex Offences Children with Update No 4
Sex Offences Historical Update No 5
Sex Offences Images Update No 3
Sex Offences Mentally disordered persons with Update No 2    
Supply Update No 4    
Terrorism Update
Theft etc Update No 5
Threats to kill    
Trafficking Slavery etc