2016 Updates: Volumes 1 and 2 (11th Edition)

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Volume 1 

Appeals Court of Appeal No 3
Attorney General's References
Community Order Breach of
Concurrent and Consecutive sentences
Confiscation No 2
Change in Sentencing Laws
Custody General Principles No 2
Detention under Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 s 91
Disqualification from Driving Basic Principles
Extended Sentences No 2
Football Banning Orders
Guilty Plea Discount No 2
Hospital and Guardianship Orders No 2
Informants No 2
Labour Market Enforcement Order
Offenders of Particular Concern Order
Preventive Orders
Previous Convictions and Antecedents
Restraining Orders No 3
Serious Crime Prevention Order
Sexual Harm Prevention Orders No 3
Suspended Sentence of Service Detention
Variation of Sentence

Volume 2

Arson No 2
Bail Offences
Burglary Aggravated No 2
Burglary No 4
Criminal Damage
Cruelty to Children No 2
Dangerous Driving
Dangerous Driving Causing Serious Injury No 2
Death by Driving Careless Driving Simple No 2
Death by Driving Dangerous Driving
Disqualified Driving Simple Driving when Unlawfully in UK
Explosive Offences
Firearm Offences No 5
Fraud and Financial Service Offences No 2
Immigration Offences No 3   
Importation of Drugs
Money Laundering
Murder Attempted
OAPA s 18 No 5    
OAPA s 20 No 2
Offensive Weapon    
Patients Ill Treating
Perverting the Course of Justice
Prison Offences No 2
Public Order Act No 2 
Rape No 5   
Retail Offences
Road Rage No 2
Sexual Offences Assault
Sexual Offences Historical No 2
Sexual Offences Images No 2    
Sexual Offences with Children No 5
Supply No 3
Tax Fraud and Duty Evasion No 2
Theft No 3