2017 Updates: Volumes 1 and 2 (12th Edition)

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Volume 1

Appeals Court of Appeal No 4
Attempted Offences
Attorney-General's References
Children and Young Offenders
Children and Young Offenders: Custodial Sentences
Confiscation No 2
Court Martial
Criminal damage
Dismissal from HMs Service
Disqualification from Driving Basic Principles
Factual Basis for Sentencing No 2
Guilty Plea Discount
Previous Convictions
Public Decency Outraging
Restaining Orders Harassment No 2
Sample Counts
Sending Cases to the Crown Court
Sentencing procedure

Volume 2

ABH No 2
Benefit Fraud No 2
Burglary No 3
Cruelty to Children No 3
Dangerous Driving causing serious injury
Death by Driving Dangerous driving No 2
Defendant No 4
Escape from Custody
Explosive Offences
False Imprisonment
Firearm Offences No 2
Fraud No 2
Harassment Section 2
Immigration Offences
Manslaughter No 2
Money Laundering No 2
Murder No 2
OAPA s 18 No 4
OAPA s 20 No 3
OAPA s 22
Perverting the Course of Justice No 2
Prison Offences No 3
Prisoners Sentencing Principles
Racially or Religiously Aggravated Offences
Railway Offences
Rape No 6
Retail Offences
Robbery No 2
Sentencing Procedure No 2    
Sex Offences Assault No 2
Sex Offences Children With No 7
Sex Offences Historical No 3
Sex Offences: Images No 2
Supply No 3
Tax Fraud
Theft No 5
Threats to Kill