Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

Cookies and information that is gathered from web visitors

1. In common with other website providers, log files are stored, saving details such as the visitor’s IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit.

2. Cookies are small digital signature files that are stored by web browsers. When a user visits the website they allow the user’s preferences to be recorded. They may also be used to track users’ return visits to the website.

3. Cookies may be used to remember visitor preferences when interacting with the website.

4. Banks on Sentence uses Category One, Strictly necessary cookies. Without them, the shopping cart would not be able to work. Banks on Sentence also uses Google Analytics, which requires a Category Two, Performance cookie. (For more detail, see paras 15-17.)

5. A Category One cookie is narrowly defined and such cookies must relate to a website service that has been explicitly requested by the user. Category Two cookies gather data in order to enhance website performance or to track the effectiveness of certain website features. We have no control over either of them, as our shopping cart provider and Google control them.

6. Web visitors are able to block cookies via their browser settings but this may prevent them from accessing certain features of the website.

7. Where website registration is required, the visitor’s e-mail address and a username will be stored. These can be removed upon request.

E-mail privacy

8. E-mail addresses are not and will not be given, sold, rented or leased to third parties.

9. Banks on Sentence may send e-mails to potential customers to inform them of new products and services.

10. If a user has subscribed to one of our e-mail services, e.g. our Sentencing Alert, they may unsubscribe by following the instructions which are included in the e-mail that they receive.

11. There is no obligation on web users or purchasers to reveal either e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. Banks on Sentence will remove e-mail addresses and all other data from its database on request. All product information e-mails provide the receiver with the option of removing their e-mail address from the Banks on Sentence database.

How we protect your information

12. Banks on Sentence operates a strict data protection policy. No personal details received from purchasers or from people who contact us via the website will be sold or given to anyone except our email team. The data is retained in secure conditions.

13. Banks on Sentence’s security policy protects users and Banks on Sentence against unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of users’ personal information. Personal information means all details to which we may have access. This includes, but is not limited to, user names, passwords and transaction information.

14. All the rules about data protection are complied with.

Google Analytics

15. If a page of our website contains a link to the Google Analytics tracking code, we are using Google as a third party vendor of visitor logging.

16. Google uses cookies to track visitors to provide us with information so we can analyse our website and constantly improve it.

17. We do not and will not share personal data with Google.

Payment details

18. When books are purchased through the Banks on Sentence website, Banks on Sentence does not have access to the purchaser's credit card details. No credit card details received via the website are retained by us.

19. All order forms are shredded after a period of seven days as Banks on Sentence does not consider it appropriate to retain credit card details.

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Robert Banks
16 March 2016