To access the Banks on Sentence 2019 app material


To get the app

You can download the app from either the Apple app store (from your iPad, the book won’t appear if you search the app store from your phone or a computer) or from the Windows app store. Once you open the app it will ask you to sign in with the credentials you used to purchase the app on our website. The app will then start to download the book. It may take a while so a strong wi-fi signal is recommended. If the download is interrupted, you may have to start again.

If you already have the app (a previous edition):

The first thing to do is update the app from the app store page or uninstall and re-install the app.

You will have to log out of the app and back in again to force the 2019 material download. On the iPad you should go to the general iPad settings and then find the Banks app and sign out. On Windows you sign out from the settings within the app itself. Please note, any tags, annotations or highlights that you have in place for the 2018 edition will not be carried over. They will be deleted when you download the new book. Unfortunately there is no way around this at present.

For app support, email

We try to respond very quickly.