The complete sentencing guide
iPad App out now!
Price £64.99 via the Apple iTunes Store.
Life span A new App will be available in May 2012. The current App will remain on your iPad but will cease to be updated from March 2012. Additional features will be added to the App during its life.
Contents The App contains Banks on Sentence Volumes 1 and 2. Volume 1 sets out the sentencing principles, the sentencing procedures and the law for sentencing orders. Volume 2 is the 6th edition of Banks on Sentence, the definitive work for determining the correct sentence for virtually all prosecuted offences.
  • Chapters on over 360 different offences.
  • Chapters on over 150 sentencing orders and requirements etc., including IPP, Totting up, ASBOs and Sexual Offences Prevention Orders.
  • The maximum and minimum sentence, mode of trial and ancillary orders for each offence.
  • Statistics, especially compiled for Banks on Sentence by the Ministry of Justice.
Text This App has all the text contained in the printed Volumes 1 and 2, with minor improvements.
Index The complete index, with over 7,000 entries, all electronically linked to the relevant paragraph.
Search facility There is a full search function for both the text and the index.
Favourites The user can choose to ‘save’ sections of the text into individual folders, each relating to a specific client or hearing. Each folder can be given a client’s name, date or other reference.
Updates Regular updates can be downloaded free of charge which will then be incorporated into the text. Paragraphs with new material are indicated in the index and search results and the user can see when the text was last updated. An Internet connection is required to initially download the update.
Guidelines The App contains all the Sentencing Council and Sentencing Guidelines Council guidelines in full. (No Internet connection is required.)
History The App has a History feature.

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